Tranformations: Spaces for Brighter Futures Inspire Found Poetry

A recent Dezeen article featured designs from 15 students at the University for the Creative Arts’ School of Architecture who were asked to imagine the future of hospitality. In response to their innovative ideas, I devised the following found poem, formed by lines from their proposals.

Designed to allow for more enthusiastic and interactive activities and occurrences

narrative as well as materiality and texture

exploring the way that light moves through the building

natural sunlight and colourful acrylic walls 

the play of light, smells and intricate clay textures

an intricate and cryptic telecommunication system

a ‘chill’ zone

help people reconnect to their former lives

specialised cuisine, a library of cultural knowledge, a communal social space and a giant backgammon set

workshops in ecology and bee-keeping, as well as space for group therapy sessions

rediscovering one’s cultural identity through a communal cooking process

grow produce and provide sustenance for the urban population

working to combine nature and architecture for a sustainable lifestyle

local sources

this is where we resume the story.

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